5 Popular Boxing Betting Types Explained

While betting on the outcome of a boxing match is certainly one of the most popular bets available, it certainly isn’t the only one available to choose from.

With options for over/unders, draws, parlays, and proposition bets, there are a wide variety of boxing bets available, all of which can be utilised to maximise entertainment and reward. Here is a brief description of the most popular boxing bets available at your favourite online sportsbook.

1. Money Line Boxing Bets

In a matchup between two opponents, the most obvious and popular betting type is to predict who will take the match. However, when it comes to boxing bets, the money line can vary drastically depending on the experience and style discrepancy between the two fighters.

Money line wagers are presented in either decimal, fractional, or American odds and represent how much you will win for every successful bet placed. If you’re just getting started with boxing betting, we would suggest trying a money line wager first as it’s perfect for beginners.

2. Over/Unders Boxing Bets

While all boxing matches have a set number of rounds – usually 10-12 – this doesn’t guarantee that the match is going to go all the rounds. Instead, if you believe that your favourite fighter is going to knock out their opponent in the 5th round, you could place a bet to this effect.

The bookmaker will decide on a total predicted number of rounds and you can decide on whether the total number will be over or under and then place your NZ sports betting wager.

3. Draw Boxing Bets

Draws may be quite rare in boxing, but this doesn’t stop the bookmakers from offering wagers on whether neither fighter will be able to take the fight. Draws in boxing are made rare by the fact that if there is no knock out, the decision goes to the judges and only if they cannot agree will the fight be declared a draw.

Due to the rare nature of this result, the returns for correctly predicting a draw in boxing are very high.

4. Parlay Boxing Bets

A popular choice amongst horseracing and greyhound racing enthusiasts, a parlay in boxing is when a punter parlays one or more boxers together and the wager is only successful if all the selected boxers are winners.

The most popular type of parlay in boxing betting is used to alleviate the vigorish on heavy favourites. While parlays can be highly lucrative, they are difficult to predict correctly so we suggest holding off on this type of boxing bet until you’re more experienced.

5. Proposition Boxing Bets

Major boxing matches tend to offer a wide variety of proposition bets which can be made on specific events within a match. The available proposition bets will vary depending on the online sportsbook chosen, however a few examples include the exact number of rounds the match will go or whether a particular fighter will win by knock out or decision.

Punters will also be able to choose from more obscure options such as how many times a boxer will be knocked down.