Top Boxing Betting Tips and Hints

Boxing is one of the oldest sports in the world, with a long and rich history steeped in tradition, and in today’s world most people simply see boxing as a violent and brutal outlet of human nature. But it’s also a colourful world with some of the most courageous and unique individuals that the world has to offer.

Today’s boxing is quite different to the fights that they had centuries ago, but it’s the same in many ways. The competitive nature of boxing also means that other industries have grown up around it, such as the sports betting industry that allows punters to put wagers down on matches and players throughout the world. For those that are getting into the boxing betting scene for the first time, these helpful tricks and hints could come in handy.

1. Using Statistics for Betting Strategies

There are three main websites that record all of the information and results of boxing matches that take place around the globe, and they’re not that different from the sites used for making the best NBA bets. These are not websites for betting directly, but the statistics that they provide can help punters make more informed decisions when they’re planning on putting a wager down.

  • BoxRec: As one of the most widely-used resources in the boxing world, BoxRec is the official record keeper for all of the boxing that takes place in Europe, with its sister site being Fight Fax in the United States. All of the records retained by BoxRec are open to the public on their website, and contain statistical data points that cover the number of rounds scheduled, time and location, officials involved, as well as historical points of interest.
  • CompuBox: CompuBox has been running since as early as 1985, and has tallied punch statistics for most of the major fights that have taken place since then through their partnerships with sports television networks. Their system includes two people that sit near the ring of a match and take note of every time a boxer lands a punch of misses. The information recorded also includes the type of punch used and how powerful it was, which is then uploaded to their website for the public to make use of.
  • BoxStat: Although relatively new compared to the other two, BoxStat might be more useful to users as it provides more modern metrics on the players and matches that take place. It provides punch statistics, but does so from reviewing fight videos rather than having ringside operators. This means that their information is often much more accurate than what CompuBox can provide.

2. Boxing Betting Markets

Boxing betting markets are intricate and detailed worlds that require some knowledge to fully traverse. Punters will need to consider the 17 different weight classes, authoritative ranking systems, the various sanctioning bodies, and the sometimes overwhelming amount of low-value promotional content – It can be a difficult task, but it can also provide deep insight into how the betting system works in boxing.