5 Popular Cricket Events

Being one of the world’s most followed sports, cricket is beloved by over a billion people, and had given rise to some of the sporting world’s largest events. Cricket events can be broken down into a number of tournaments that take place around the world every year.

Some of these are smaller, nation-based events, while others boast some of the planet’s best teams that compete on an international level.

For those that want to break into the cricket betting scene – whether it’s out of interest or to compliment their winning streak – these are the best events to follow and start with.

1. The ICC Cricket World Cup

Often regarded as the biggest tournament in the cricket industry, the ICC Cricket World Cup takes place very four years, and is the world’s most viewed cricket event.

The ICC has claimed that it’s the biggest tournament in the world, and the event consists of four stages, Super 8, 6, along with semi finals and finals. Teams that take part in the Cricket World Cup are generally made up of the best players that a country can produce.

2. The T20 World Cup

The trophy for the T20 World Cup weighs 7.5 kilograms, and it’s a trophy that is sought after by teams around the globe.

Started in 2011, the T20 made its biggest impact in India, and it didn’t take long for it to gain popularity among surrounding nations and eventually on other continents. And although it’s short, it boasts some of the best sixes that the sport has ever seen.

3. The Ashes Series

Said to be the oldest cricket tournament on the roster, the Ashes was first started over the rivalry between England and Australia. When the English lost to Australia in 1882, a journalist at the time wrote an Obituary for the event, with one part of his article saying, ‘the body will be cremated and the ashes were taken to Australia’, which is where the name was originally derived from.

It’s a tournament that has stuck throughout the ages, and remains a competitive and entertaining event that still sees the two rivals battling it out for supremacy.

4. The Indian Premier League

More commonly known as the IPL, the Indian Premier League is the most popular sporting event in the country, and sees the best that India can produce competing against each other. It lasts for 2 months every season, and so far there have been a total of 6 seasons.

And although it’s been the source of many controversies over the years, the IPL remains a popular event that has seen some of the sport’s best plays of all time.

5. Champions League Twenty20

This famous global cricket tournament takes place very year, and only the world’s top nations are able to participate. It is currently owned by three countries: Cricket Australia, Cricket South Africa, and the BCCI.

It pits both seasoned and new players against each other, and promises big rewards to the team that is able to make it to the top.