Critical Cricket Betting Mistakes To Avoid

Cricket betting can be fun and very rewarding, but just like any type of gambling there are some common rookie errors that you need to avoid. Whether you are a casual bettor or want to really go the distance, the more you know about a sport, the better, as the fewer wagering mistakes you’ll make.

Take a look at our guide and make sure that you know what not to do when betting on Cricket online.

Betting Blindly

There are different types of Cricket and you need to know what you’re putting money on.

T20 has a very different format to an ODI or longer tournament and teams may excel in one, but not in the other. Check exactly what format of the game you are wagering on and then bet accordingly.

Not Doing Your Research

In any type of betting on sports you need to do as much research as possible. The more you know about the players, the team as a whole, the coach, whether or not there is a home ground advantage, what happened the last time they faced the team they are playing and what recent performances have been like will all tell you a lot more about which way you should wager.

You should also check if there have been any injuries or changes to a team line up, as this can affect morale too.

Trusting Your Gut

This isn’t always bad, but if you think your gut is going to point you in the direction of a massive win, you are probably about to end up out of pocket.

Any bet should be placed only after you’ve done your research, and if you do trust your gut don’t bet a huge sum on a hunch. In most cases, betting against the odds doesn’t pay off, so be aware of the risks upfront.

Chasing Losses

This really applies to all types of gambling but as there are so many different markets in Cricket, you should never chase losses here too. You need to remember that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, and that if you throw good money after bad in the hope of landing a win, the chances are you won’t be hit for 6, you’ll simply end up out.

Rather swap over to playing with online bingo bonuses in the UK for a while and when you’ve cleared your head a bit, get back in the game.

Don’t Trust Trends

Many bettors think that new Cricket betting strategies that have just emerged are a sure-fire way to win. However, the older strategies are more likely tried and tested and have proven to work – or not work- in certain circumstances.

There are good reasons that some strategies and theories have been around for years, and “new’ strategies are not a quick ticket to getting rich. Similarly, don’t waste money on buying a strategy advice or on paying tipsters, these rarely if ever work and you’ll be shelling out cash that could be put to better use.

If you need to pay for a strategy the chances are it’s a dud and you’re just getting sucked in by smart marketing!