Football Betting Myths

Football and sports betting in general is no stranger to a fair amount of superstition and myths. While some may be backed by a nature of consistency, there are a few football betting myths which are guaranteed to lose you money in the long run. These are some football betting myths which should be left in the past.

New Coach

The common myth that an underperforming team will instantly make a turnaround under new leadership is difficult to justify in any way.

While there is always a possibility that the team will suddenly improve a drastic amount under new leadership, there just is not enough backing to put your money behind it. There are two main facets to consider when looking into this myth:

The Coach

The first question that needs to be asked when a team receives a new coach is, is the new coach actually good? He may have come from a well preforming team, but that could also be a well-balanced and optimized team who did not need the additional coaching.

There is also the problem of the coaches coaching style. Just because a coaching style has been successful with one team, does not mean it will be successful with another. A good coach has the opportunity to make the world of difference to any team, that is not to say they definitely will. For the majority, even under improvement, we have seen a longer accustoming period before major improvements in the team.

The Team

Sometimes issues in a team are simply not down to a coach. If all the members are already preforming at peak ability or there are other issues in the team, a new coach stands to change nothing. There is also a question of acceptance of a new coach by the team.

These are difficulties which often take time to figure out, time in which you should not be baking on the team making a sudden turn around.

Transfer Time

When a smaller team takes on a large name player, it is regularly an immediate assumption that the team will see an immediate improvement. This is unfortunately typically not the case. It is especially important in football for a team to be a cohesive and understanding unit.

The players need to work together to secure a win. As much as the best players in the world can bring up a poorly preforming team, that same team can also drag down the best players.

Without a good team environment and the extra pressure, it is typically a huge risk to bet on the underdogs just because they have just included a higher-ranking player to their team.

The team needs to figure itself out first before you can expect them to perform at peak levels. Rather bet on other games like those found at the casinos recommends while the team acclimatizes itself to a new player.

Favourites Always Win

Favourites do generally win, but betting on favourites expecting a sure win is a long shot at best. Do the appropriate research and manage your budget while to make the best bets you can. With the value proposition, favourites are often not the best bet you can place.