Players To Watch in FIFA 2018

With the World Cup kicking off in Russia, all eyes are on the players that are looking to lead their country to the final, and ultimately, to hoisting the winners trophy.

Messi and Ronaldo are 2 players that are often talked about, but we’ve taken a look at who else the critics think will be worth watching on the field, and who may well have been underrated in the past.

Mohamed Salah

After suffering a nasty shoulder injury, Salah is now supposedly back on form and ready to play. He ended his cub season with 44 goals in 52 appearances, so the Egyptian is hoping to do well in the Cup too.

It was mostly thanks to his efforts that the Egyptian team made it through to the final stages of the tournament for the first time in 28 years, and there are some weighty dreams on these young pharaohs shoulders.

Kevin De Bruyne

He was given the nickname The Prince by his Manchester City teammates, and if he manages to win the World Cup he really will be royalty.

Football royalty, anyway, and as lucky as someone who ahs won the jackpot playing online pokies!

The distinctive red haired player has been said to be the brains of the team and the driving force behind their success, and all eyes will be on him when Belgium takes to the field.


Many think that this WC will be the redemption tour of the 26 year old, who 4 years ago left the field on a stretcher in the quarterfinals.

Now, Neymar is back and injury free, and is looking to prove himself once again.

Brazil is considered to be one of the favourites in this years Cup, and with Neymar fighting fit and raring to go, he could well help the team earn a record 6th star on its crest.

Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez

When you talk about Uruguay and the World Cup, these 2 names come up time and again.

Both players have made a name for themselves and on the pitch they perform like a well-oiled machine.

Both are incredibly versatile players, and both have had their fair share of ups and downs. They are now seemingly in their prime however, and should have the edge on the field.

Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann

Another duo that’s well worth keeping an eye on, these Frenchmen are not only entertaining to watch, they are incredibly determined too. Some may say their antics on-field border on tomfoolery, but whatever their performance style may be, it works.

They seem to feed of one another and have both been instrumental in leading France to success on a number of occasions. Originally critics dismissed them as being immature, but they have time and again proven that they are simply light hearted, and that they take the sport very, very seriously.

Only time will tell what this years Word Cup has in store, but we’d put money on any one of these players taking home the Golden boot trophy, or being part of the winning team.