6 Types of Ice Hockey Bets Explained

Depending on how experienced you are with ice hockey betting, you may be surprised to learn that betting on ice hockey isn’t just about picking which team will win the game.

Thanks to the increased popularity of sports betting – thanks in part to the rise of online sports betting – you now have of the option of betting on a multitude of events during a season and individual matches.

Moneyline Bets

A moneyline bet is a wager placed on which team is predicted to win the game – if the chosen team is successful, so are you.

Just because moneyline bets are the simplest of all, doesn’t mean that they’re any less profitable than some of the more complex betting types.

However it’s not as simple as it sounds as heavy favourites and underdogs will both present somewhat unfavourable odds.

Puck Line Bets

Similar to the run line bet in baseball, a puck line bet in ice hockey is a type of point spread bet. Implemented in order to ‘level the playing field’ with regards to betting, the puck line is a wager which forces the favourite to win by more goals and allows the underdog to lose the game but still win the bet.

Unlike other sports, the puck line (or spread) in ice hockey is always +/- 1.5 goals.

Over/Under and Totals Bets

Over/under bets, also known as totals bets, is a wager on the total number of goals you predict will be scored in a game – fortunately for many, playing pokies online is a lot simpler!

The sportsbook will set a line – or the total number of predicted goals – and your over/under wager will be on whether you think the total will be over or under the line set.

Prop Bets

Prop or proposition bets are wagers placed on whether an event will occur in a game, which may or may not affect the final outcome, and can be a lot of fun in ice hockey.

A few examples of prop bets are as follows:

  • Which team will score the 1st goal?
  • Will a goal be scored in the 3rd period?
  • Will the final total score be an odd or even number?

Period Wagers

Standard ice hockey matches are split up into 3 periods and while each period is separated by a break in play, the final winner of the game is determined by the total number of goals scored over the 3 periods.

A period wager is a bet placed on which team will score the most goals in a specific period and are therefore the winners of the period – even though this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will win the game as a whole.

Futures Bets

A future bet is a wager placed on an outcome which will happen in the distant future over the course of multiple games.

Simply put, an example of a futures bet would be a wager placed on which team will win the Stanley Cup Championship well before it’s even begun, putting your predictive skills to the test!

Happy punting!