History’s Best Horse Racing Trainers

When it comes to winning international horse racing events, the general public tends to put most of the focus on the horses primarily. But anyone that’s a part of the industry will be able to explain that winning a big event is more than just what the horse is capable of. In fact, winning can take years of training, patience, trial and error, and plenty of guidance of trainers.

Horse racing trainers can be the clear defining difference as to whether a horse and its team are successful or not, and many believe that the trainers and their skills are often more important than the breed of the horse. Trainers spend decades horning their abilities, allowing them to gain the complete trust of the animals and the jockeys. The best racehorse of all time are undoubtedly those that were led by legendary trainers, some of which we will look at here.

1. Todd Pletcher

Trained himself by the world-famous D. Wayne Lukas, Todd Pletcher didn’t take much time to establish himself as a leading trainer and would go one to become one of the most successful of all time.

He spent over two decades training both horses and the jockeys that ride them, and in that time his trainees have won a total of five Triple Crown events, nine Breeders Cup trophies, and much more. Pletcher is still in business to this day, training a new generation of winners.

2. Woody Stephens

With almost 2000 wins under his belt, Woody Stephens is widely regarded as something of an industry leader and boasts a long and almost unmatched career that has seen his name become famous throughout the training world.

He was inducted into the Hall of Fame as early as 1976 after winning several Kentucky Derby events and would go on to win for five consecutive years in the Belmont, solidifying his reputation as one of the world’s best. Stephens spent virtually his entire life training horses and will always be fondly remembered for his many contributions to the world of horse racing.

3. Bob Baffert

Bob Baffert is so famous that’s even well-known among the general public, and is almost always the first name to come up when the conversation strays toward horse training.

This trainer, which his recognisable white hair, has been training horses for three decades, and in that time, he’s amassed almost 3000 wins, making him one of the most successful horse trainers of all time. Justify and American Pharaoh are just two of the famed animals that Baffert has conditioned over the years.

4. D. Wayne Lukas

While individuals like Baffert and Stephens are no doubt famous for their contributions, D. Wayne Lukas stands out as a true titan of the industry, having changed it forever almost single-handedly during his time as a trainer.

With over 4800 wins attributed to his name, and having trained horses from 1974 to this day, Lukas is unmatched when it comes to famous trainers, and has created a legacy that will likely live on for generations to come.