The Most Common Mistakes Made in Rugby Betting

When you start out with betting it is easy to make common mistakes that most new bettors fall prey too. Trust us when we say that these mistakes can and probably will happen to those who are not willing to learn, and take advice from those who have been around the betting block a time or two.

Here we give you some of the most common mistakes to avoid, so that your learning curve would not be that painful, and your wins more common.

Five – Ignorance

A bet is just placing money on the outcome of a match – simple. But not really that simple, being unaware of the amount of calculation of stats that goes into the pricing of bets can lead to loosing a bet, or simply not winning as much as you could have.

Learn all you can about betting, do not walk in blind and expect big wins.

Four – Betting Small

So we are not saying day one bet one that you should bet the farm, but once you have a solid grasp on Rugby bets you shouldn’t bet too small.

Bankroll management and a correct staking strategy are the best way to ensure good winnings. People often bet low, not understanding the many factors and the impact they have on the payouts of bets.

For example, placing a bet too small on a zero handicap match that ends in a draw, could lead to the bet being voided. So therefore you should be making a slightly larger bet that could lead to an actual payoff.

Three – Accumulator Bets

With accumulators- or ‘accas’ you have the same odds of winning the lotto, and much better odds of winning when playing casino games at Accumulator bets are impossible to predict – which means none of your stats apply and only luck can make you a profit.

The profit on these bets is entirely made by the Bookkeepers, with a very occasionally lucky punter winning big. It can happen, but you need to know the risks.

Two – Loyalty

Well that sounds bad? But you shouldn’t really bet on your home team, as loyalty to your team can lead to your overestimating their winning possibilities.’

Only bet on your team if you have done the homework and can separate yourself emotionally and place a bet rationally on that team.

One – Arrogance

So you think you have all the knowledge you need to place a winning bet because you have watched rugby since you were two and you know the line-up – you definitely do not.

You as a brand new bettor need to start from the bottom, learn the very detailed reasoning behind the stats and pricing of current bets and apply your knowledge in small increments until you gain more experience of the system.

Don’t assume you know it all in week one, but having said that, do shop around for better prices as mistakes can be made and you can make profits from these!