Creating a Rugby Betting Strategy

Betting on rugby has become one of the punting world’s most popular pastimes in recent years, but it can turn out costly for those that don’t first create a betting strategy.

For new punters wanting to bet on rugby for the first time, use these helpful tips to build a well-informed betting strategy.

1. Know The Rules

The rules can vary from competition to competition. When four goals are achieved in a match, the Premierships and Heineken Cup give a bonus prize. This has been implemented to encourage a more attack-heavy playing style, but it is not featured in the Six Nations, so it’s essential to keep this in mind when you’re searching for a bet.

This will influence how the match is performed, so it’s helpful to understand before considering wagering your hard-earned money as you may discover yourself caught up with rules you’ve been uncertain about.

2. Do Important Research

The teams’ performance in the past is worth being well aware of. Be conscious of how they have done in the past, then use this information to your advantage, especially if your potential squad has never won against a specific rival. The team that is statistically the best sometimes doesn’t necessarily play the best. For example, when Ireland beat the New Zealand All Blacks in early 2017, many people were shocked.

Finding the current best players on the team can also help you effectively set your bet, but make sure you read around to create the most informed decision possible. Besides that, you may want to explore some of the newer, upcoming players that are presently in good shape and are looking for entry into the larger teams. Like with online roulette Australia and other games, knowledge is they key to improving your chances.

3. The Team’s Form

Make sure you understand the teams’ form on the field and how the players work together. Find out which players are injured and avoid placing your cash on a squad that tends to have a higher number of injured players.

Rugby is regarded as an aggressive sport that can lead severe wounds to its players, and it only takes one injury to ruin a player’s season, so it is important that you evaluate the team as a whole. Learn how the team competed together in previous matches, and use that information for making future betting decisions.

4. Playing Styles/Tactics

This may seem meaningless, but when you decide which sort of bet to place down, the playing styles of a team can make a huge difference.

Placing a bet on the first goal scored is not worth your time if the team you support is known for their defensive strategies— because tries are likely to be in short supply. Knowing the ins and outs of each team will assist you achieve the highest results

5. Choosing The Favourite

Bookies’ favourites will not necessarily win, and while it may be considered more probable, the underdog may prove to be the better choice–based on who plays and the team’s shape.

Before committing to putting down a bet, it is essential to do your own research on the teams involved.