3 Insider Trading Tricks For Tennis Betting

Betting on tennis can be a difficult and infuriating affair, especially for those bettors that find themselves constantly losing the wagers they put down. The complexity of many of the bets combined with the nature of the game can put off even the most seasoned punters.

Learn some secret insider trader tips that can help improve the odds when putting down money on any major events.

1. Interpreting Form and Stats

Studying the form of a player can make a huge difference when deciding the kind of wager to be taken out when they’re entering an event. A player may have gone years without a good run in a certain tournament, but it’s up to the punter to decide when that is irrelevant, which is the same for other punting, such as the best online pokies Australia. For instance, a player on a major slide who lost 6-0 6-1 in a previous match might be dealing with an injury that isn’t public knowledge.

But if a player lost to an opponent at 5-1 and it was later revealed that they were simply suffering from flu, then they would remain a good option for future bets. The market generally dislikes players in bad form but there could be a reason for it, which means there’s sometimes good value to be had by backing an out-of-form player.

2. Capitalising On Pre-Match Drifting

The players’ odds can drift significantly during a season and often it could be because there are fitness concerns or  they may have had some medical problems in the previous rounds.. Motivation can also play a major factor.

Many players have a stigma attached to them where they won’t try as hard while playing in smaller tournaments. If the chosen player doesn’t want to win in certain events, it may be worthwhile waiting for them to instead play in something more popular, where it’s assured that they will put more effort in.

3. How Players Perform Under Pressure

It’s important to keep note of how a player performs when they enter a situation that puts a lot of pressure on the, because they will react differently when going behind or ahead. Some players tend to have brilliant records with break points converted and break points saved.

The big moments for a player are breaking serve or after having been broken themselves, which is where we see the biggest fluctuations. Therefore, being armed with a good knowledge of how players respond in different situations can make a big difference for future wagers.

Similarly, some players are faster out the blocks than others and will have a better first-set record than their opponent. Alternatively, maybe the rest of their peers on the tour. A perfectly legitimate strategy is to back a player who wins a large portion of their first sets and then place a lay bet if they go 1-0. Equally, there are plenty of bottlers who are simply not good at closing off matches in some circumstances.