The Biggest Boxing Bet Wins

Boxing is a lucrative sport for both the participants and those that put money down on fights. In fact, it’s boxing’s lost and complex betting industry that has kept the sport so popular to this day, and millions of bettors around the world put down wagers every day on their favourite fighter.

But some bets have seen more success than others, and sometimes a bet is so successful that the bettor is set for the rest of their life. These are the most successful boxing bets of all time.

Mayweather versus McGregor

Conor McGregor is considered by many to be one of the best MMA fighters of his time, although his time as a boxer was reasonably short, as he only participated in a single boxing match, which he lost. Despite this, his impressive MMA record, there were a lot that felt he would be able to beat the much more seasoned Floyd Mayweather, who by that stage already had a number of titles under his belt. Their fight became the second highest pay per view buyout in boxing history, and some bettors reportedly made almost a million dollars off of the fight, while another punter walked off with over $600,000.

Pacquiao versus Mayweather

Another fight involving Mayweather, this time it saw him duking it out against Manny Pacquiao, with many people calling it the fight of the century. They were the best fighters that the boxing world had to offer, and it proved to be a fight that would go down in history as both an incredible match, but also a lucrative one. In fact, an unnamed bettor from Ireland reportedly made a bet of over 150,000 British Pounds on Mayweather with odds of 1 to 2, something that is also often found in NRL premiership odds. It was a messy fight, and many derided Mayweather for not putting up a good offensive strategy, and that he relied on his defences too much throughout the fight. Despite that, Mayweather proved to be the victor by decision of the judges, meaning that our Irish bettor made a lot of money that day.

Marcantonio versus Woodhouse

A slightly different story to the others, this involved a relative underdog, Curtis Woodhouse, making a small fortune by betting on himself. He began in professional sports in 1997, and played for several years until he retired in 2012. After his retirement, he turned to pro boxing, where he trained under the guidance of former British featherweight title holder Gary De Roux.

He then stepped into the boxing ring for the first time in 2006, where he was set to fight against Dean Marcantonio. And despite being his first fight, he won against all odds. And it was reported that Woodhouse had taken a bet out on himself at a value of £5,000, but at odds of 50 to 1. After his victory, he was able to walk away with an alleged £250,000 in winnings, a fair amount of money, even in the world of professional boxing betting.